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About Me

Hello, my name is John Alcala or BluesJohn as many have come to know me. I am a published photographer specializing in live music, sports, and event photography. I'm based in beautiful Portland, Oregon. I grew up here in a home filled with love, family, and music. I’m a husband, father and a grandparent. Fascinated by the treasures of old photographs found in my father’s trunks, I picked up photography at an early age. 

Photography has filled me with a creative outlet, purpose and taken me places I never thought I'd go. I have covered everything from youth sports, elite high school & collegiate basketball, and professional water skiing.  First and foremost a fan of live music, the starting point for my passion - concert photography. Over the years I’ve found myself in some amazing places. Neil Young has stared me down, I've shared a laugh with BB King, and had a picture of Buddy Guy used by the Oregon Food bank for the Waterfront Blues Festival. 

I have never felt so blessed by photography as when I am photographing live music, those moments when artists connect with their fans (myself included), moments that mean something to both the artist and the fan. Having an artist or fan tell you they love a photograph you’ve taken makes me fell as if I’ve done something with lasting value.  I strive to create images that show something about the artist or the performance, images that people want to hang on their walls. 


  • Live Music & Tour Photography

  • Event & Sports Photography

  • Portraits


  Whether you’re playing earth shaking rock & roll in a stadium, concert hall, small club or an intimate house concert to small children singing “Mary Had A Little Lamb” in a school play, if it’s live I can capture priceless moments in a photograph.


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